Body Sculpting is more than just an aesthetic service – it’s an exact science. That’s precisely why we don’t just simply offer CoolSculpting – we specialize in it exclusively. Our providers are expertly trained through the CoolSculpting University Master’s Program, and have experience with the widest range of treatment plans and body types, to provide the most comprehensive approach to your desired results, of any practice in the Bay Area. We believe CoolSculpting can be the catalyst to your wellness-focused lifestyle. From the moment you walk through the doors of Sculptology, to the moment you show off your head-turning results…you’ll notice the difference from every angle. Discover what’s possible at Sculptology.

MD Alejandro Arnez

Alejandro Arnez is the CEO and Founder of Sculptology.  His dream was to create a practice that is designed to provide excellence in body contouring utilizing the industry leading technology of CoolSculpting.  He believes specialization and focus on one service provides clients the best in class experience they seek to ensure they achieve the most optimal results.  Every detail of Sculptology was driven by the concept to bring medicine back into the patient’s experience with CoolSculpting, and initiating a healthy lifestyle that they’ll be proud to maintain well after they’ve seen their amazing results from their treatment.  SculptologyLife was conceptualized to provide our clients with the community of like-minded individuals who also value a healthy way of living.

MD Andre Bonnett

Andre Bonnett is the Medical Director at Sculptology and he is a CoolSculpting Certified Specialist. He is specialized in Family Medicine after doing his residency at The Brooklyn Hospital in New York. He is passionate about caring for his patients, loves to work with our team, and leads of all clinical needs here at Sculptology.

Dee Dannelly

Dee Dannellyis the Events Coordinator here at Sculptology. She is a CoolSculpting Certified Specialist with a Bachelor’s degree from U.C. Berkeley. A passion for fitness, Dee has a keen interest in supporting her clients as they continue their journey after CoolSculpting, to achieve their body and fitness goals.

Shradha Kumar

Alisa Anguiano

Alisa Anguiano is the Guest experience consultant at Sculptology. Not only is she CoolSculpting Certified, but she has over 6 years of CoolSculpting experience at CoolSculpting University here in Pleasanton. Alisa loves helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin, and feeling more confident no matter what phase of life they are in.