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CoolSculpting is the popular fat reduction treatment that eliminates stubborn bulges of diet-and-exercise-resistant fat. Since its FDA clearance in 2010, millions of men and women have turned to CoolSculpting as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The safe, 30-minute treatment is virtually painless and requires no downtime. Scientific studies prove CoolSculpting results are long lasting and natural looking. Moreover, when paired with a healthy lifestyle, CoolSculpting delivers an enduring aesthetic of a skinny, sculpted physique.

Discover if freezing away fat is right for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Sculptology, the premier CoolSculpting provider in the TriValley and Bay Area. Contact Sculptology online or call (925) 329-6333 today.


  • Top non-invasive fat reduction option
  • Non-surgical substitute for liposuction
  • Eliminate stubborn fat cells
  • Sculpt beautiful contours
  • FDA cleared
  • Clinically proven as safe & effective
  • Target diet and exercise resistant bulges
  • Convenient, 30-minute treatments
  • Long term results
  • No downtime



While CoolSculpting reviews articulate patient satisfaction, CoolSculpting before and after pics reveal why everyone is raving about the fat freezing procedure. As with any cosmetic procedure, results may vary.*


At Sculptology, we take the science of body sculpting to the next level. We are the only CoolSculpting specialized practice in the TriValley and Bay Area. Freezing fat is all we do. To provide our patients with the highest standard of care,  our entire team is certified by CoolSculpting University and our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technologies in body contouring, including 3 CoolSculpting machines, the full collection of CoolSculpting applicators, and 3 Dimensional Imaging. Our sole purpose is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of every single person who chooses Sculptology as their preferred CoolSculpting Pleasanton provider and we will do everything possible to ensure you enjoy your experience, love your results, and gain the confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best.



Simply put, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells to death. Stimulating a process known as Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting exposes unwanted bulges to precisely controlled cooling. This cooling crystallizes subcutaneous fat cells without harming surrounding tissue or overlying skin.¹ Once crystallized, fat cells rupture and are collected by the lymphatic system. Eventually, the destroyed fat cells exit the body as waste product. Once fat cells are excreted from the body, they do not grow back, leading to a long-term improvement in the shape and contour of your physique.


Fat freezing is a great way to invest in the long-term improvement to your physical appearance. The cost of CoolSculpting varies, depending on the unique parameters of your customized treatment plan. During your complimentary consultation with Sculptology, Cool Sculpting prices will be covered in detail. If this body contouring option is right for you, we will tailor a treatment plan that is optimized for your body, your goals, and your budget.


Sculptology provides patients with the full collection of Cool Sculpting applicators to target nearly any bulge on the body. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen (to target belly fat,) the flanks (to target love handles,) the legs (both inner and outer thigh fat) the chest (ideal for male patients with moobs or man boobs,) the armpit area (to target “bra bulge,) the back, the upper arms, and the submental region (to target a double chin or neck fat.)

In addition to the full collection of applicators, Sculptology’s ultramodern, innovative facility is equipped with three Cool Sculpting machines. This allows patients to opt for Dual Sculpting (using two machines at once to double the treatment area in half the time) and even Tri-Sculpting.


CoolSculpting reviews are raving. This treatment is not only popular with patients, medical professionals and scientists also have a lot to say about freezing fat. One CoolSculpting review published in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery evaluated the experience of more than 500 CoolSculpting patients. The study indicated, “89% of respondents report a positive perception of treatment duration and 96% report minimal to tolerable discomfort…” The scientists of this CoolSculpting review concluded, “Cryolipolysis is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment method for reduction of subcutaneous fat.”

Another CoolSculpting review found in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology evaluated the safety and efficacy of freezing away fat and reports, “Cryolipolysis was shown to reduce subcutaneous fat at the treatment site by up to 25% after one treatment.”¹


CoolSculpting results are transformative, natural looking and long lasting. As with any cosmetic procedure, experiences may vary by patient.* Some patients begin to notice improvements in as little as 4 weeks after their treatment. However, the majority of patients see their results in 8-16 weeks post-treatment. With reductions in fat up to 25% from a single treatment, some patients opt for only one round of fat freezing. Notwithstanding, most patients opt for several freezing cycles to obtain optimal results.*


CoolSculpting provides long-term results. Once the lymphatic system eliminates the fat cells from the body, the cells are not replaced, and they cannot grow back. Fat freezing’s enduring results are clinically demonstrated in a longitudinal study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Assessing patients 9 years after a single Cool Sculpting treatment, researchers found “local reductions in fat have significant longevity…and suggest that results from Cryolipolysis may be very long-lasting.”


Get started on the path to a healthier lifestyle by banishing the stubborn bulges that obscure a slim, sculpted physique. Learn more about freezing away your fat by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Sculptology, your premier CoolSculpting Pleasanton provider. Contact Sculptology online by filling out the form below or call (925) 329-6333 today.

Coolsculpting at Sculptology Pleasanton, CA

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Cryolipolysis For Noninvasive Body Contouring

ⁱⁱ Safety, Tolerance, And Patient Satisfaction With Noninvasive Cryolipolysis.

ⁱⁱⁱ Long-term efficacy follow-up on two cryolipolysis case studies: 6 and 9 years post-treatment

Coolsculpting at Sculptology Pleasanton, CA

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