What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is non-invasive, permanent, fat reduction. This treatment is non-surgical/invasive and requires no down time. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to treat nine areas of the body. The nine areas are the chin, arms, abdomen, flanks, bra fat, inner thigh, outer thighs, distal thigh, and banana roll or the area underneath the butt. CoolSculpting specifically targets subcutaneous fat, which is the pinch-able fat beneath the skin. This fat is considered to be very stubborn, unaffected by all the diet and exercise in the world.

How does CoolSculpting work?

How CoolSculpting works is by freezing fat cells (which do not like the cold) and once those cells are frozen, the dead fat cells are excreted out of the body through our natural body system (lymphatic). The behavior of these fat cells is critical to why CoolSculpting works. A person has a consistent number of fat cells throughout their lifetime. Fat cells do not regenerate once the die, making CoolSculpting a form of permanent fat reduction. The results are revealed from 9-12 weeks after treatment. Each CoolSculpting treatment can reduce an area by 20-25% over this 2-3-month period. Fat cells frozen by a cold plate that is on the back of a CoolSculpting vacuum applicator that administers the treatment to an area.


Does CoolSculpting really work?

Yes, CoolSculpting really works, accomplishing a 20-25% fat reduction of the area that has been treated. These results are revealed gradually, and you should see full results three months after treatment as this is the full time it takes for your body to excrete the dead fat cells. CoolSculpting’s benefits are even more apparent in those who pair it with proper diet and exercise, either losing weight or keeping a consistent weight.

What is cool sculpting

What are the Side Effects of CoolSculpting?

When considering any treatment is important to be educated on any side effects. CoolSculpting dangers or side effects can be CoolSculpting into common and uncommon. Some of the more common side effects during and after the CoolSculpting procedure include tingling, numbness, and redness which generally will resolve themselves within a matter of days – a couple weeks. Uncommon dangers of CoolSculpting or side effects include first or second degree frostbite, late onset pain, hyperpigmentation, vasovagal syncope, subcutaneous induration. These are issues that will resolve on their own in a matter of time as well. Lastly, Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH is when there is visibly enlarged volume in the treatment area. This area will present as a distinct demarcated border, and this is the side effect that requires surgery for correction. These side effect is extremely rare and most practices will not see a patient experience PAH.
CoolSculpting Before the CoolSculpting procedure each patient is screened for any red flags that may make them a non-candidate for CoolSculpting.


What is the average cost of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting cost varies from person to person and depends on body goals, expectations, and the anatomy of the body. The cost also largely depends on the area being treated. Areas with dense fat, such as the lower abdomen can require an aggressive treatment with multiple sessions whereas areas such as the arms may require less. The definite cost of your CoolSculpting treatment will be determined after a consultation with a CoolSculpting specialist who will have a dialogue with you and assess your body to create a treatment plan. Typically, a customized CoolSculpting treatment plan will cost anywhere from $1,300 – $3,600. To receive optimal results, treatment plans cannot be cut, copied, and pasted on each patient. There is a lot of planning and a CoolSculpting specialist requires foresight into what a body will look like after the treatment is done.

CoolSculpting is an effective and safe way to reduce unwanted and stubborn fat and over all feel better in your clothes, for that upcoming wedding, high school reunion, etc. This procedure is convenient and will only take up a fraction of your day as opposed to other forms of fat removal. Many feel as if they are CoolSculpting at home, with minimal discomfort and your own room to watch Netflix or work on your laptop!