We believe healthy communities start with healthy people.

This is so much more than CoolSculpting – this is business for the greater good. While our plans are extensive, the only thing missing is you. It would be our privilege to welcome you not only to Sculptology, but as the newest member and contributor to Sculptology Life.


It’s about more than victory in the game – when our community is active and connected, we all win. As advocates and sponsors of sport across Pleasanton – including volleyball, soccer, and numerous youth teams – we’re not only encouraging an active lifestyle and community, we’re an engaged part of it. Be part of our team!


A healthy community is a thriving community. It’s precisely why our entire team is dedicated to giving back, right here in Pleasanton. By being actively involved with organizations including The Gratitude Network and A Breeze of Hope we can ensure that while sculpting bodies may be what happens inside our facility, shaping our community is the true impact that we make outside of it.



A Breeze of Hope Foundation is Bolivia’s first and most experienced center for child survivors of sexual violence. A Breeze of Hope provides free legal, social, psychological, and medical support to hundreds of children each year. A Breeze of Hope also provides thousands of people, including judges, prosecutors, and police, with in-person training each year on how respond to sexual violence, promote girls’ human rights, and build a culture of profound respect and equality. A Breeze of Hope focuses on Bolivia because it has the highest rates of sexual violence against children in South America (1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys), but one of the lowest rates of reporting to officials.

A Breeze of Hope is also deeply personal and in-touch with the lived experiences of child survivors. Brisa De Angulo created A Breeze of Hope she was just 17 years old to provide other children the help and comfort she never found after disclosing her own rape and torture and seeking support. Today, A Breeze of Hope continues to proclaim that same message: No child survivor need feel alone, ashamed, or responsible for the violence they’ve suffered, and every child survivor deserves healing, justice, and a brighter future.
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The Gratitude Network seeks out the world’s most dynamic and innovative leaders and organizations impacting the lives of children and youth. Fellows receive a 1-year program of deep, intense 1:1 coaching and strategic advice to help them scale their business model to achieve results they only dreamed of.

The Gratitude Network accelerates the growth of high impact social entrepreneurs by developing the leaders and visionaries, working in these three critical areas: Education, Health & Wellbeing, Children’s Rights. Today, the Gratitude Network is impacting the lives of 20+ million children and youth around the world.
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