“How do I get a smaller waist? What do I need to do to build my booty? How can I flatten my stomach?”

Ways for us to shape our bodies is one of the most Googled topics out there. It’s the root inspiration for the entire cosmetic and fitness industries and is the most sought after services on websites like www.groupon.com. So what is Body sculpting, and what are the leading ways people are doing it?

Body Sculpting is the process of permanently changing the appearance of one’s body through invasive or noninvasive measures. Unlike fashion, where we can dress our body in a way to ‘mask’ or ‘enhance’ certain physical features, body sculpting is the physical reshaping of our body to produce permanent desired results.

Think of it like a sculptor carving and reshaping a stone to bring out the contours and curves of his creation underneath.

A “desired result” in one’s body could be anything that would make that person happy to have it- whatever “it” is! -A bigger bust, a skinnier waist, a flat stomach, inner thighs that don't touch, toned arms, or a defined jawline

We live in a time where physical appearance is an expression of power, confidence, and pride; however, sometimes we find the parts of our body that don’t inspire the same confidence.

A Health and Wellness article from 30seconds.com promotes the idea of “Bodyfullness”: the taking of your entire physical being into account by understanding how your body moves through the world, how your body inhibits and cultivates relationships, and how the way you move impacts you.

Sometimes the best way to achieve that “Bodyfullness” is to finally address those “problem areas” that bother us….Enter Body Sculpting!

Body Sculpting can be achieved through invasive or non-invasive processes. Both ways are permanent, however each have pros and cons to consider.

Invasive Body Sculpting would be any form of plastic surgery. -A tummy tuck, liposuction etc.
Most procedures are performed rather fast, but with surgery there is an extensive amount of “recovery time” or “down time” for our bodies to adjust, and there is always an inherent risk of infection or complication.

An alternate, leading trend in the cosmetic world for a “non-invasive Body Sculpting” that is taking celebrities and locals alike by storm is CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is the only procedure on the market that is FDA cleared to be a non-invasive form of permanent fat reduction!

Let’s Talk Body Sculpting

CoolSculpting works by freezing the stubborn fat cells in our body. Our body then eliminates those fat cells through the lymphatic system over the course of nine to twelve weeks resulting in a permanent reshaping of that targeted area.

Let’s Talk Body Sculpting
Let’s Talk Body Sculpting
Let’s Talk Body Sculpting

CoolSculpting is more gradual than plastic surgery, more natural for our bodies, no recovery time, time friendly, and above all-more affordable! The average procedure lasts from 1-2 hours, and CoolSculpting can start as low as $600!

Let’s Talk Body Sculpting

Unlike invasive surgery, CoolSculpting can work with your body, and your routine to enhance the results you already are working for. No need to change your diet. No need to stop doing those crunches. CoolSculpting literally eliminates those targeted areas faster, so you can see incredible results and not kill yourself to get them!

Let’s Talk Body Sculpting

While diet and exercise alone are fabulous ways of taking care of our bodies- they are not the same as Body Sculpting, and will not produce the same results no matter what you do. I like to use the analogy of the fruit.

If your body is the shape of an apple you will always be an apple, twenty pounds over or 10 pounds under. If your body is the shape of a pear you will always be the shape of a pear (big or small). By this I mean whether you are large or skinny, whether you don't diet and then diet, whether you workout one day a month or every day of the year, where your body gains and loses weight is imprinted into your morphology.

Diet and exercise certainly helps to tone and shrink up those areas, however when we gain weight we gain them right back exactly in the area we always have.

When we CoolSculpt, we are permanently altering the fat distribution in that area thereby achieving a different shape of that body part.


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