“Love Handles” is the cute name referring to the very un-cute fat that both men and women accumulate right above the hips and under the waistline. They are solely responsible for that dreaded “muffin top” look… You know what I mean: that look you get when you try to fit into the jeans that used to hug all the right places, but now seem to be choking the life out of your hips, causing that overflow effect? Here at Sculptology, we understand that one universal truth: there is NOTHING to love about love handles.

Love Handles

In the years we’ve been CoolSculpting, there is one thing we noticed- every CoolSculpting journey is different. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two treatments are the same either. Each of our patients has a story: a part of their past that they carry with them, a present situation that causes discomfort, or a future goal that drives them to make a change. The roads of our lives may be varied, but we all strive for that “better body” that physically exudes our inner greatness.


Let's start my journey

Here is a true story of one of our fabulous patients, who chose CoolSculpting to achieve the waistline of her dreams.

Her name is Cynthia L.
Cynthia marched into our practice one warm day with a mixed look of determination and mild frustration. Her tastefully floral workout clothes paired nicely with her FitBit, white tennis shoes and neatly arranged bun- she looked as if she was on her way to a gym. She had a petite frame, partially hidden under her flowy top, and I guessed she was maybe 30-35?

After a few minutes chatting at the front desk, Cynthia agreed to join me in a consultation room to discuss her body goals, her current health and wellness practices, and what CoolSculpting could do to aid her.

“I am a woman who does her homework.” she stated. “I research my options, nail down a plan, and commit. I have never ‘cheated’ on anything. Not a test, not a weight loss journey- but i’m at my wits end and I need to explore other options to get rid of these!” She pinched her love handles vigorously.

Cynthia shared with me that she was 32, married the man of her dreams two years prior, has a one year old boy, and recently went back to work at her corporate job. She explained that she has always struggled with belly fat, but after the birth of her son, she gained quite a bit of weight in her love handles- a new area for her.

“I tried everything!”

she said,exasperated.

“I committed my life to weight loss. I started a healthy diet plan. When I was home with the baby I joined www.urbanfitness.com to start strength training and burn fat. I have mastered the plank position, the side plank, the crunch, side bends- I attend pilates classes 3 times a week. I even have an alert on my phone that notifies me with new www.1mhealthtips.com information. I am going insane. I am just trying to ‘spot reduce’ these horrible love handles- can CoolSculpting help me?”

I explained to Cynthia that CoolSculpting is not a “cheat” when it comes to weight loss. CoolSculpting aids in fat loss by targeting the stubborn fat on our bodies that diet and exercise do NOT take care of, and freezes it: allowing our bodies to eliminate the dead fat cells, resulting in a permanent loss of those cells.

I assessed her waistline: she was right. For a tiny frame, her body definitely concentrated on storing fat on her love handles, but underneath that, she definitely had a beautiful hourglass figure.

I walked her through her treatment plan to banish her love handles for good. She would need a heavy overlap of two CoolSculpting applicators on each side of her waist that would capture the front and the back of her love handles. With such a tiny build, overlapping two applicators on each side would heavily blast away the peak of her love handle fat and carve out the bottom of that hourglass figure. Her treatment would only need to be done once, and she would be out and on with her day in 70 minutes!

The day of her follow up, I couldn’t believe the change! Her energy when she walked through the door had completely shifted from determined and frustrated, to relaxed with a huge smile across her face!

Her follow up photos confirmed her excitement- wow! Her love handles were completely gone!

“There is nothing to grab!”

she exclaimed giddily.

“I started noticing the change in my love handles within the first 4 weeks, and the fat just kept coming off!”

We are SO excited for Cynthia and her empowering story, and feel so lucky to have aided on her journey.
Can you see yourself in Cynthia’s shoes? Have you tried all the right methods but need just a bit of help? Maybe try CoolSculpting!

We at Sculptology understand the struggle, and are here to help you achieve your body goals! Please give us a call or visit us on our website at www.sculptology.com and we will walk with you through your CoolSculpting journey!