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 treatment and I’m already seeing results. Can’t wait to go back!

using toxins for about 2 years (at various places) and I’ve learned that it’s not the toxin but the injector and the technique that makes all the difference.  Morgan, the nurse injector at Sculptology, is the best I’ve had so far.  She gives me just a little lift to my eyebrows, diminishes my crows feet and totally gets rid of the deep wrinkles in my forehead……….and it is exactly what I want.  I will only go back to Sculptology for my toxin injections!

pretty healthy lifestyle: I exercise and weight train everyday, and track my macros with a fitness app. 4 months ago I came into their office for a consult where they did a 360 scan of my entire body to baseline my fat % and distribution, and waist circumference. I was at 17% body fat with a 32 inch waistline which in their scale is classified as “Fit” and put me in the top 30% of my age group. I decided I’d try one treatment on my stomach and lower back (flanks) to get rid of that semi-mushroom top I get when I wear shorts or underwear with an elastic band. I came back 3 months later for an after photo to compare and I was pretty satisfied. My stomach got slightly more flat, and there was a reduction of fat that spilled over the waistband (see photos). Keep in mind those 3 months after treatment overlapped the holidays and I cheated my typical diet with beer and junk food. I typically put on 5-10 lbs after the holidays, so I’d testify that cool-sculpting is legit. The service I loved the staff at Sculptology. Everyone there was warm friendly and knowledgeable. What I appreciate the most is their honesty and transparency during their evaluations. The facility is very clean and stocked with delicious sparkling water and Nespresso which I totally took advantage of. Also, once you’ve done treatment with them, you can come back anytime for more body scans free of charge which I will take advantage of as well.

time I left I felt like a VIP.  I received a very warm welcome from Shrada when I checked in for my consult. She made me feel so comfortable before my appointment.  She explained how the consult would go and reassured me how professional and thorough, Dee, my consultant would be. I then met Dee and she was exceptional.  I received a full assessment of all the areas that I wish to be treated.  She answered all of my questions carefully to be sure I understood the treatment plan she suggested. I was very confident in her treating me.  I was lucky enough to be able to be treated on that same day. Dee was awesome during the treatment as I expected. I was set up in a relaxing chair with blankets and a tv. It was wonderful!  The treatment itself was relaxing and easier than I expected.  Dee kept checking on me to be sure that I was comfortable at all times.  On my way out I was fortunate enough to meet the owner, Dr. Alejandro Arnez. Like the rest of the staff, he was very warm, welcoming and professional.   I highly recommend Sculptology.  It was the most positive experience I have had with an aesthetic treatment. Thank you!!!

my problem areas, and the type of results I can expect.  Dee was my main contact, but Morgan and Shrada are also quite helpful.  The office is inviting, well-appointed, comfortable, and sanitary. Competitive pricing and no hidden costs.  

Modern feel of the office is an added plus! They got me lunch while I did my treatment and holy cow my results are amazing! Being a mom of three, I never thought I would like my stomach again but now I have so much more confidence! 100% recommend!

anxious about the process. However, the staff there was very helpful – in fact, they made me feel like family. After the process was done, they contacted me to check up on my progress. I highly recommend if you’re ever thinking of having some work done.

Ale and Gloria are very professional and attentive; they listen to what your main concerns are and clearly address what the best solutions and options are for you. Everyone on the staff was great in general though. I’ve had CoolSculpting done in the past, so I know for a fact that it works, but they are really on top of their game in their training and techniques to help yield great results. In fact, it’s only been 3 weeks and I am already seeing results! I also had a 3D body scanner done while I was there, and it was a really cool and encouraging experience that gave me insight about things I could do to be healthier in the long run and not just a quick fix to look better. Bonus points for them having Netflix to watch while I got treated!

modern decor such as a lovely clean lobby, a consultation room, a photography room, and multiple treatment rooms which all have TV’s with Netflix. I love how Sculptology is designed for just aesthetics. Sculptology smells fresh, and it’s so clean. There’s a ton of space for social distancing/ the place is definitely following state regulations for everyone’s safety. My absolute favorite part was the knowledgeable/ expert team members. I called the practice and Shradha was the nicest, she answered all my questions, and knew exactly how I felt about wanting to improve my body image. She booked me for a consultation the same day, and she even texted me the address for easy navigation. I was nervous for my consult but as soon as I walked in the door, I was acknowledged right away, and offered beverages while filling out paperwork on an iPad. There were many certificates displayed in the office, this place is extremely professional, and everyone knows what they are doing. Dee was my CoolSculpting specialist, and she is so funny!! My consult was quick, easy, comfortable, and I trusted her treatment plan. We took pictures, and Dee treated my arms the same day!! I was so excited and grateful for all the guidance and care provided. Dee talked me through everything she was doing, and how CoolSculpting would feel. Since Sculptology has 4 CoolSculpting machines, I was in and out of the practice within an hour. The next day, we treated my upper back then we booked my 3 months follow up. Dee even texted me the next morning asking how I was doing/ feeling. I have never had such great customer service. I would highly recommend Sculptology for anyone considering getting body contouring or aesthetic services. This practice absolutely cares about their customers and I have a feeling my results are going to be outstanding!! Can’t wait to see my CoolSculpting results.”

Dee was my main contact, but Morgan and Shrada are also quite helpful. The office is inviting, well-appointed, comfortable, and sanitary. Competitive pricing and no hidden costs.

stubborn fat that would NOT budge after a year and a half of dieting. Like any proper bride-to-be, I’ve had multiple meltdowns about my weight and how I look in my dress. 😉 I was introduced to Sculptology by a friend, and I am SOOOOO glad. I can’t even begin to say how amazing this place is. Nothing would do it justice!! From the moment I walked into their chic, modern office I was greeted by the absolute loveliest team I’ve ever met. They made me feel so comfortable and celebrated every step of the way. I’ve never had any cosmetic procedure before, so I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away at how encouraging and body-positive the entire experience was. A few things that really stood out: – They are absolute ARTISTS with CoolSculpting. While other places offer the service, but I don’t know of any others that have their level of experience. They were able to get really precise with exactly what I needed and how to do it as efficiently as possible. There’s a subtlety to their work that goes above and beyond. I felt like they really got what I wanted, understood my body type, and knew exactly what to do to get me there. – It was surprisingly comfortable. I’m a total baby about cold sensations, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was so cozy in my plush blanket, sipping warm tea, and watching Netflix on their big screen in my private room that I actually sometimes forgot I was even getting a treatment! – I felt so relaxed and encouraged that it was like a day at the spa… but better, because I’ll come out of it with less fat. 😉 – Their office is really lovely! They have such a clean, peaceful atmosphere there. I want to come back when I’m having a stressful day just to chill out, lol! I honestly felt so pampered the whole time, it was a really wonderful experience. It’s been 4 weeks since my first round (I had 2 total), and I’m already seeing some significant results. I wore my first crop top in almost 2 years recently, which was a huge deal for me. I’ve been so uncomfortable with my stubborn fat, and seeing it start to go away has been HUGE for me emotionally… especially since I’m getting marred in 5 weeks!! If you’ve struggled with the pain of a “problem area” this is SO worth it. Do it. My body image issues have been something I struggled with my whole life, and seeing myself transform has been a very meaningful experience. On top of that, the Sculptology team is SO celebratory of every win – the extra love and support before my wedding is just incredible. These guys don’t just perform a service. This is where their hearts are – they really care and it shows. I have no doubt that you will absolutely love your experience and look back on it fondly, which is more than I can say for ANY other way I have tried to get rid of excess fat. (I have developed a deep dislike of treadmills during my weight loss journey, hahaha.) You don’t have to be a millionaire to get it either (I’m sure not) – they really work with you to figure out the best options for your unique needs. They work with people of every age, gender, and background. Next, I’m going to try out their CoolTone services to really tone up my muscles and build my strength now that I’m losing fat! 😀 Oh and — my wedding dress FINALLY zips up and looks good!!

They went though and told me what they would be a good plan for me, and set realistic expectations. they did a 3-D photo session so I could see the results. The procedure was super easy. I just got watched a little TV while they froze my fat! It’s only been a few weeks and I’m already seeing a little less of a pouch. I’m looking forward to going back and seeing my results in that 3-D photo side by side. I’m thinking about doing more sessions. I’m definitely going back to Sculptology, and if you’re thinking about doing it, I highly recommend them!

other places and the price the others quoted me seemed really high and the number of treatments they told me I needed didn’t convince me it was worth it.  The experience means everything to me when I look into something medical, so I decided not to go for it.  Until I visited Sculptology! My friend was treated here and recommended them so I scheduled an appointment.  OMG what a difference it was from the other two places! The staff here is incredible! They made a latte for me, I had a whole body scan to show me my areas they could treat, photos paired with the scan were so great! I felt so confident about my consultation that I decided to go for it! I can’t say enough about my results and I am going back to get my other areas done soon! If you’re considering CoolSculpting look no further! Sculptology is the best of the best!

mad! I have gone in twice now for Botox injections, and both times I have left feeling very happy with the treatment and customer service. Thank you Gloria and everyone in the office for the very positive experience!

But they contacted me and showed me how much they care about their customers. And I truly appreciate it! Still, the results vary depending on the individual. You may see a significant difference or just a minimum change. But now I do know that sculptology is a place you can trust if you are interested in coolsculpting. Because they care abou you and your satisfaction. Also each staff here is really nice. They will welcome you warmly. I even feel sorry I was so mean to them before 🙁 I’m sorry that I caused you guys be stressed. And thank you so much for taking a good care of me! Only wish you the best.