“Dad Bods” have been a hot topic of debate among men and women for the better part of this decade. Whether you love the dad bods or think it’s just a ‘dressed up excuse’ to enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time while drinking heavily (we aren’t judging!), it all comes down to the simple question: Hot or Not?

The Dad Bod Diet

Here at Sculptology, we have heard men’s opinions on this subject that range all across the board. We have seen older men with a beer gut and working to lose it, and we have seen younger men with a naturally stouter body type that show us the newest article from the huffingtonpost.ca declaring “girls love the dad bod”. Regardless of where you fall one thing is clear: body image is in the eyes of the beholder.

The Dad Bod Diet

Every CoolSculpting journey is different. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two treatments are the same either. Each of our patients has a story: a part of their past that they carry with them, a present situation that causes discomfort, or a future goal that drives them to make a change. The roads of our lives may be varied, but we all strive for that “better body” that physically exudes our inner greatness.

Here is a true story of one of our fabulous patients, who chose CoolSculpting to achieve the male body of his dreams.

His name is Kevin.
Kevin walked into our practice one day with the type of hesitation in his step that normally would cause me to ask if he meant to enter the neighboring shop. A naturally bigger build, his doughy physique appeared as an outward reflection of his sweet nature.

“Could I get an appointment for CoolSculpting?”

he asked sheepishly.

I ushered him into our lounge and told him I could get him into our consultation room right away with a smile.

Once in the room Kevin explained his dilemma.

“I don’t like my Dad Bod. I could tell you that i’m a gym rat and I really watch my diet, but it’s not me. I do go to the gym occasionally, but I do love to eat and drink heavily on the weekends. I don’t have a nice balance between the two. I know I need to work on that- but could you help me?”

I assured him there was nothing to worry about and with his joined commitment to pursuing a balance between a beer and exercise, CoolSculpting could absolutely help him out.

WIth two short rounds of abdominal CoolSculpting, Kevin had a flatter stomach and was proud!
Can you see yourself in Kevin’s shoes? Have you tried all the right methods but need just a bit of help? Maybe try CoolSculpting!

We at Sculptology understand the struggle, and are here to help you achieve your body goals!
Please give us a call or visit us on our website at www.sculptology.com and we will walk with you through your CoolSculpting journey!